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Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
Special offer for COVID-19
We observe very high traffic in contact centers during COVID-19 for some of our clients. We also see a need to protect contact centers employees during this time which is best achieved by working from home.

To help with this we launched a special offer in partnership with Microsoft. We offer free 2-months usage of ReplyHub launched in Microsoft Azure cloud for companies with 5 to 50 agent lines. Premium support for using and launching service with ReplyHub is included.

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ReplyHub processes 5 million requests per year for customers with 5 to 200 online agents
Reply faster with help of AI
Reply faster
Agents reply faster with our on-hold technology and a built-it knowledge base with an AI-assistant
Automate with AI
Automate up to 70% of requests with an AI-chatbot and AI-assistant that keep learning from human agents interactions and integrate with your other software
Multiple channels
Your customers and employees can get support using a website, mobile app, messengers, AI assistants or by email
Ready for home workers
Protect your employees
Enable work from home
Support in text channels is absolutely fine with employees working from home. Extra sounds from kids, internet channel quality is not a problem.
Built-in knowledge base and AI-assistant are always there to help home workers with hard questions.
It doesn't matter whether an agent or a superviser works from home or from office. All the agents are always under control.
Reply to your clients faster
Happy customers and reduced cost of support
Eliminate waiting for a client response
Agents do not waist time waiting for slow clients' replies with our on-hold technology.
Assisted agents
AI-Assistant immediately suggests a proper answer, relevant information or an automated scenario to an agent.
Automate up to 60% of requests
Our machine learning technology constantly learns from human agents and fully automate 30-60% of requests.
AI powered
Let AI do up to 70% of the work
Deep learning technology
Our proprietary machine learning technology offers best in class results and is able to get most out of your data – whether you have already collected a lot or you just started. No need in developers or linguists.
Learn instantly
Our knowledge base keeps collecting information about interactions with human agents to provide machine learning with as much data as possible. This makes AI work better and better and automate more and more traffic with time, fully processing up to 60% of requests for our customers.
Control you data
All the knowledge used by machine learning is always under your control. You can always see what exact data is used by machine learning, fix errors if any and add markup based on users' dialogs.
Fueled by knowledge
Both humans and AI need knowledge to work
Knowledge base
The single versioned knowledge base for human agents, machine learning and employees of your company.
+ data for machine learning
Our knowledge base not just stores knowledge but even more importantly stores human agents' interactions for machine learning and gives you full control over that data.
+ scenarios and integrations
Each article can contain multiple answers and complex interaction scenarios with integrations.
Any channels for your clients
Support your customers where they need it
Website, portal and mobile app
Provide support directly on your website or portal with our proprietary widget. Easily authorise your clients within a password protected areas. Embed support into your iOS and Android mobile app.
Personal and corporate messengers
The best option for on-the-go support for your customers. All the major messengers are supported including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Teams, Slack
Voice assistants
Be close to millions of users using smart assistants with our AI technology.
Scenarios and integrations
It's more than just answers
Powerful skills within your support chat
Chatbot can easily integrate with your systems to let people check balances, bank, make orders, etc.
You can set up a survey via a chat in minutes
Messengers are a perfect way to notify about order status, time to pay or other events
Internal helpdesk and HR
It's also for company employees
Your employees also need support. Make it handy on an internal portal or in a personal (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram) or corporate (Teams, Slack) messenger. It integrates with internal helpdesk system to make it easier for employees to get help.
Help your employees with onboarding, HR-related questions and finding internal forms with an HR bot
Automation of business processes
Automation with chatbot is faster and easier that alternatives like custom mobile applications or web bases systems. With a chatbot it's just adding another skill – often without a need in a developer
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